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Beastie Boys - License to Ill (Vinyl) 30th Anniversary Album

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Vinyl Label: Def Jam / Columbia Licensed to Ill 30th anniversary iconic album by American hip hop group Beastie Boys. It was released on November 15, 1986 by Def Jam and Columbia Records. It was the first rap LP to top the Billboard album chart. It is also one of Columbia Records' fastest-selling debut records to date and eventually sold over ten million copies in the United States.

Track Listings

Side: 1

  1. Rhyme C Stealin
  2. The New Style
  3. She's Crafty
  4. Posse In Effect
  5. Slow Ride
  6. Girls
  7. Fight For Your Right

Side: 2

  1. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Hold It Now, Hit It
  4. Erass Monkey
  5. Slow And Low
  6. Time To Get Ill