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Big L - The Big Picture (1974 - 1999)

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The Big Picture is the second album by American rapper Big L. The album was slated for a 1999 release, but due to L's murder, it was posthumously released on August 1, 2000 on Rawkus Records.

Limited Edition Translucent Yellow Vinyl

Track Listing

Side A (139th St.)

  1. The Big Picture (Intro)
  2. Ebonics
  3. Size 'Em Up
  4. Deadly Combination (Ft. Tupac Shakur)

Side B (Lenox Ave.)

  1. '98 Freestyle
  2. Holdin' It Down (Ft. Stan Spit, A.G. and Miss Jones)
  3. The Heist
  4. The Enemy (Ft. Fat Joe)

Side C (140th St.)

  1. Fall Back (Ft. Kool G Rap
  2. Flamboyant
  3. Casualties Of A DiceGame
  4. Platinum Plus (Ft. Big Daddy Kane)

Side D (7th Ave.)

  1. Who You Slidin' Wit (Ft. Stan Spit)
  2. Games (Ft. Sadat X And Guru)
  3. The Heist Revisited
  4. The Triboro (Ft. OC. Fat Joe and Remy Martin)