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Cypress Hill - Los Grandes Éxitos En Español

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Vinyl Number of Discs: 1 Los Grandes Éxitos en Español (The Greatest Hits in Spanish) is the title of a 1999 release by Cypress Hill. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Track Listings

Side: 1

  1. Yo Quiero Fumar (I Wanna Get High)
  2. Loco En El Coco (Insane In The Brain)
  3. No Entiendes La Onda (How I Could Just Kill A Man)
  4. Dr. Dedoverde (Dr. Greenthumb)
  5. Latino Lingo (Latin Lingo)
  6. Puercos (Pigs)

Side: 2

  1. Marijuano Locos (Stoned Raiders)
  2. Tu No Ajaunta (Checkmate)
  3. Ilusiones (Illusions)
  4. Muevete (Make A Move)
  5. No Pierdo Nada (Nothin' To Lose)
  6. Tequila (Tequila Sunrise)
  7. Tres Equis
  8. Siempre Peligroso