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Dead Kennedys - Bedtime For Democracy (Vinyl)

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Vinyl Release Date: April 13, 2010 Number of Discs: 1 Label: Manifesto Records Bedtime for Democracy is the fourth and final studio album released by Dead Kennedys. Songs on this album cover such common punk subjects as conformity, Reaganomics, the military, and even criticizing aspects of their own punk movement. The title of the album is a reference to the 1951 comedy film, Bedtime for Bonzo starring Ronald Reagan, and perhaps also reflects the weary band's bitterness in the aftermath of the financially and emotionally draining trial they were being subjected to at the time over the controversial art included with their previous album. In fact, by the time recording began, they had already played what would be their last live concert with Jello Biafra and announced their breakup immediately after the record's release.

Track Listings

Side: 1

  1. Take This Job And Shove It
  2. Hop With The Jet Set
  3. Dear Abby
  4. Rambozo The Clown
  5. Fleshdunce
  6. The Great Wall
  7. Shrink
  8. Triumph Of The Swill
  9. Macho Insecurity
10. I Spy
11. Cesspools In Eden

Side: 2

  1. One-Way Ticket To Pluto
  2. Do The Slag
  3. A Commercial
  4. Gone With My Wind
  5. Anarchy For Sale
  6. Chickenshit Conformist
  7. Where Do Ya Draw The Line
  8. Potshot Heard Around The World
  9. D.M.S.O.
10. Lie Detector