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Ramones - Road To Ruin

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$26.99 USD
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$26.99 USD
180 Gram
  • Limited Edition Classic LP
  • High-Definition Virgin Vinyl Pressing For Super Fidelity
  • The Nicest Thing You Can Do For Your Stylus And Your Ears
The Ultimate Record: The Way Music Was Meant To Be Heard And Great Enough For An Audiophile

Track Listings:

Side 1:

  1. I Just Want To Have Something To Do
  2. I Wanted Everything
  3. Don't Come Close
  4. I Don't Want You
  5. Needles And Pins
  6. I'm Against It

Side 2:

  1.  I Wanna Be Sedated
  2. Go Mental
  3. Questioningly
  4. She's The One
  5. Bad Brain
  6. It's A Long Way Back